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Please forgive me whilst I get things up and running. I promised reviews to a few hotels and B&B's months ago, so they will be coming shortly!

I have this neat little goal to hit every country in the world at least once. My journey actually began back in 1994 when I got to tour Europe with a musical group in high school. I was bitten by the travel bug and I have been unable to sit still ever since! I probably won't bother going into great detail about that trip as it was so long ago. However, my first trip review will be detailing my first real "me" trip to the Maldives via Dubai.

I work on a bulk carrier (ship) that takes cargo from Australia to China. I work three months at once, then have three months off. I decided I didn't want to pay rent any longer, gave away/sold everything that doesn't fit in one carry on bag, moved out of my house and became a nomad. I am learning travel do's and don't's as I go along!

Keep your eyes peeled!

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